Copper Round Bar Suppliers in Pakistan

Copper Round Bar

Copper round bars are available in a variety of sizes and specifications, making them suitable for a variety of requirements. One of the most known functions of the copper round bar is stretching the round bar into thin copper wires. These are most commonly used as electrical wires due to their effective electrical conductivity. They are used to manufacture nozzles, fittings and forging stocks as well. The copper we deal with is among the best in the market and are extensively tested to ensure their quality.

Grades C182, C110, C101, C145, C147,
Thickness 10 mm to 120 mm
Finish Mill Finish
size 1 m 3 m
10 mm    
12 mm    
15 mm    
18 mm    
20 mm    
25 mm    
30 mm    
35 mm    
40 mm    
45 mm    
50 mm    
55 mm    
60 mm    
65 mm    
70 mm    
75 mm    
80 mm    
85 mm    
90 mm    
95 mm    
100 mm    
120 mm    

Other Grades and sizes available as per request