Brass Flat Bar Material Distributors in Pakistan

Brass Flat Bar

Brass flat bars are use in architectural ventures to line marble flooring, and in ornamental purposes. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and brass being easy to manipulate structurally, makes it easy to work with and form it into various ornamental items. They are also used in industrial and automotive industries to produce key components. The physical properties of brass make it one of the widely used metals in the industry.

Grades Schedule 40 - C230
Thickness 30 x 3 to 120 x 12
Finish polished
size 3 meter 4 meter
30 mm x 3 mm    
40 mm x 4 mm    
50 mm x 5 mm    
60 mm x 6 mm    
70 mm x 7 mm    
80 mm x 8 mm    
100 mm x 10 mm    
120 mm x 12 mm    

Other Grades and sizes available as per request