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Tool Steel Plate

Tool steel is an inherently strong metal that is one of the most preferred materials to manufacture tools. Tool steel plate is one of the most important raw materials of tool manufacturing industry. The plate is cut and reshaped to the required tool shape. Since the metal has to maintain a relatively low carbon content from 0.5% to 1.5%, the manufacturing process is undertaken in an extremely controlled environment.

Grades D2, D3, 2379, 2080
Diameter 10 mm to 100 mm
Finish Mill Finish
Size 1 x 1 1.5 x 3
10 mm    
15 mm    
20 mm    
22 mm    
25 mm    
30 mm    
35 mm    
40 mm    
45 mm    
50 mm    
60 mm    
70 mm    
80 mm    
90 mm    
100 mm    

Other Grades and sizes available as per request