Semiconductor And Electronics Manufacturing Application

Medical And Pharmaceutical Industry Application

Engineering Materials has long been committed to Research and Development, manufacturing and supply of engineering plastic products for medical and life science applications. HONY plastics works closely with medical device manufacturers to understand the technologies, standards and regulatory requirements related to the use of polymers in medical and life science applications (including medical implant materials).

High temperature materials

High-temperature plastics are constantly developing and are becoming more and more common in high-end semiconductor applications. As chip designs become increasingly complex, materials are required to be able to be used at high temperatures for a long time.

Anti-static plastic

Unmodified plastics generally have electrical insulation. Thermoplastics such as PEEK and Acetal can be modified to have a series of conductive, antistatic or static dissipation properties. This feature is very important for semiconductor applications, such as back-end test sockets.

Chemical resistance

Compared with metals, chemical compatibility, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance are the biggest advantages of plastics, which are especially important for semiconductor end users who use various chemicals in several stages of the chip manufacturing process.

Low air permeability plastic

Certain industries such as semiconductors, airplanes, and energy have strict requirements on plastics in terms of gas permeability, purity, and ion purity. The plastics provided by Ensinger fully meet these requirements.

Processable plastics for the semiconductor industry

ESD anti-static PEEK
ESD anti-static POM


CMP ring
Etching and CVD reaction chamber
Wafer transfer
Wet process structure
Wet process parts
HP chemical and water storage container lining
Test socket in back-end chip test