Petrochemical Oil And Gas Industry Application

Oil and gas: plastics used in wear-resistant, lightweight, cost-effective equipment Components used in the oil and gas industry usually need to meet special requirements. In order to meet the special requirements of this industry, materials often require high temperature resistance, high toughness and chemical resistance. Our range of technical plastics and high-performance polymers are suitable for such applications. Corrosive application environments and small-sized components pose similar challenges to materials, such as uniform structure and high dimensional stability at alternating temperatures.


→ Improve product efficiency through tighter tolerances and lower-wear materials
→ Substituting plastic for metal parts, reducing weight and power supply requirements
→ Solve severe corrosion problems in harsh environments
→ Reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds-the use of excellent materials for sealing
→ components can help reduce leakage and avoid environmental impact
→ Use materials with reduced friction and a lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) to improve performance and design capabilities
→ Extended equipment life
→ Non-sticky material, easy to clean, reduce maintenance cost.


→ Fixed tooth polymer labyrinth seal
→ Wear-resistant polymer labyrinth seal
→ Diffuser/protective cover material
→ Pump wear ring
→ Pump Throat Journal Bushing
→ Polymer vanes for pumps and compressors
→ Spiral top seal
→ Polymer impeller
→ Polymer piston
→ Piston ring and guide belt
→ Thrust washer
→ Packing group materials
→ Valve plate and poppet.


→ CA30 PEEK.