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Mechanical Engineering Application

Mainly used in mechanical applications and components of industrial machines. The field of mechanical engineering traditionally prefers steel and metal alloys to make parts have higher mechanical strength and precision. Nowadays, thanks to its many advantages, the phenomenon of replacing metal with engineering plastics is very common. Plastic is usually a convenient solution for mechanical components such as gears, supports, sliding elements, gaskets, valve components, and more applications.


→ Sliding performance
→ In order to minimize the friction loss during machining, materials with better sliding properties are mainly used
→ Chemical resistance
→ Products in mechanical engineering may be acidic, alkaline or neutral. The materials used must be able to withstand contact with these products. Chemicals are also used in cleaner production systems. Therefore, the machine parts must also meet the requirements.
→ Heat resistance
→ Processing machines in mechanical engineering may be exposed to very low temperatures (during the cooling process) and very high temperatures (during the cooking stage), and these components must be able to withstand such environments for a long time. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the suitability of materials.
→ Mechanical strength
→ Polymer materials are often used as substitutes for other materials. Therefore, the requirements for strength are getting higher and higher.
→ Building materials
→ The high degree of freedom materials required in the design are usually selected from this series of materials because they have different characteristics
→ Radiation resistance
→ When parts may be exposed to natural radiation (outdoor use in the earth or space) or artificial high-energy radiation (for example, sterile to low-bacterial surfaces), radiation-resistant materials must be used.


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