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Food Processing And Packaging Equipment Application

Due to its light weight and easy processing characteristics, food-grade materials can replace metals and are used in various mechanical processing such as meat, fish and poultry processing, dairy products, baked goods and candy production.
For applications in direct contact with food, our technical department can assist you in selecting the best materials, including the development of new materials.


→ Food safety materials
→ The raw materials comply with FDA standards, the materials comply with (EC) 1935/2004 regulations, (EU) 10/2011 regulations, (EC) 2023/2006 clauses, and have seamless traceability.
→ Metal detectable plastic
→ In food processing lines equipped with metal detectors, the use of our detectable "ID/UD" materials can achieve a greater degree of control.
→ Materials for sliding and friction
→ Since food processing usually involves moving products or packaging, the sliding friction properties of plastics in contact with food are an important feature.
→ Chemical resistant plastic
→ Irritating chemicals are used to clean food processing equipment. In order to ensure that the product is not confused or misidentified, the product code is printed on the product, including the product name, product number and production batch.


→ PA
→ PP